A modern wonder of contemporary living, BGC has attracted a lot of creative and passionate minds in the food industry to set up shop in the area, helping it steadily gain popularity as a hub of various gastronomic experiences. Apart from the unique flavors and great service, restaurants in colorful BGC are also well known for the quality of their dishes, all thanks to the fine ingredients they use such as U.S. Meat.

From L-R: Chef Edward Bugia (Mimi & Bros), Chef Gigi Canlas (Fireside), Ms. Sabrina Yin (USMEF ASEAN Director), Mr. Morgan Haas (Agricultural Counselor, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service), Chef Sau del Rosario (Café Fleur), and Chef JM Libron (Jin Joo).

That’s exactly what the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) wanted their attendees to experience last November. In partnership with some of BGC’s well-loved restaurants—Fireside, Jin Joo, and Mimi & Bros.—the USMEF hosted Five Star Night, a showcase of local chefs and their take on U.S. Beef and U.S. Pork.

The event was opened by Mr. Morgan Haas, the Agricultural Counselor of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. As someone who grew up on a farm in Minnesota—and raised pig and cattle himself—he explains that the system set for U.S. Meat products is one of the best in the world, with safety and universal quality guaranteed. When asked about his favorite Filipino pork and beef dish, he quickly answers the famous Sisig and the comforting Bistek.

After the opening remarks, renowned chef and owner of 25 Seeds and Cafe Fleur, Chef Sau del Rosario, shared that with the marbling, taste, and overall high-quality of U.S. Meat, he can always rely on it especially with his signature Crispy U.S. Pork Belly and Truffled Macadamia Kare-Kare, where the sauce should just elevate the pork.

The attendees were then treated to three meat dishes prepared by the partner restaurants. First up was the Slow Cooked U.S. Pork Rib with Pumpkin Puree and Apple Chip by Chef Edward Bugia of Mimi & Bros. Chef Edward shares that his favorite way of preparing U.S. Meat is by cooking it low and slow, which is probably the other reason why their pork ribs are so tender. In addition, he raved about the clean taste of U.S. Meat which has the same quality every time.

Next was the Galbi Jjim (U.S. Beef) by Chef JM Libron of Jin Joo, who explained why U.S. Beef Ribs are their beef of choice for the Korean stew. According to him, the good quality of the beef makes the flavors of the dish more appetizing.

Last but not the least is the Fireside House Burger (U.S. Beef)  by Chef Gigi Canlas, who shares that their burgers are made with fine U.S. Beef Patties and grilled to perfection on a woodfire grill. She adds that the burger was only seasoned with salt because the meat could already stand on its own.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation is an non-profit organization which aims to increase the value and profitability of the U.S. beef, pork, and lamb industries by enhancing demand for their products in export markets through a dynamic partnership of all stakeholders. Simply, their goal is “Putting U.S. Meat on the World’s Table.”