By Marilen Fontanilla

Pour out some good times with these bottled craft cocktails from The Bevvy

Whether you miss your bar night outs, lady’s nights or the beach, there is certainly a bottle that will captivate and mesmerize you.

We may be yearning to relax and kick back our feet at our favorite hangout, but Covid-19 seems to have put a damper on those plans for the moment. With the harsh reality of the long lockdown and transitions to a looser general quarantine, bars have stepped up to bring bar-quality bottled cocktails to our homes.

The Bevvy has been one of those to grasp the twofold need in a thirsty market, seeking the flavors from their bars in the comfort of their homes while supporting collaborations with multi-awarded mixologists who crafted these cocktails.

Jojo Vega of The Bevvy explains a primary motivation that they address. “We all miss being able to go out for drinks. More than that, it’s really the feeling of being outside that we miss–whether it’s lounging at the beach or simply having fun in a lively bar in the city, with a cocktail in our hands.”

With Crafted Cocktails by the Bevvy, Vega is confident that consumers will be able to refresh their memories of these scenes with cocktails that are just as refreshing. These ready-to-drink cocktails have a 60-day shelf life and use premium ingredients with Pisco as a base, hand-crafted by local mixologists.

Purple Zest, a drink that aims to relive memories of lady’s nights in the past, was created by Auie Benisano, a multi-awarded mixologist and champion of the first-ever Pisco Competition in the Philippines in 2018.

The original concoction that won in the first Pisco Competition was inspired by the 2006 movie and 2018 Netflix remake, The Perfume. Similar to the story of its protagonist, one of France’s finest perfumers who sought the elusive aroma of young womanhood, the refreshing Bauza Pisco Reservado-based cocktail blends sweet and sour notes with spicy undertones of a home-made tincture of bay leaf and cardamom.

Industry veteran and multi-awarded mixologist Lennon Aguilar prepared two craft cocktails with unique flavors that are certain to bring back memories of the beach with Cucumber Spritz and bar nights with Pisco Sour.

Pisco Sour is truly a 1920s classic, a Latin American treasure that is sophisticated, well-balanced blending sweet and tart flavors without overwhelming the palate. A national cocktail to both Chile and Peru, this Bauza Pisco Reservado-based cocktail can now be enjoyed at your leisure in bottles that capture its essence and beauty with every sip.

An original concoction, Cucumber Spritz is a bright, refreshing Bauza Pisco Reservado-based cocktail balanced with the sweet and tangy taste of cucumber paired with the floral, herby notes of Giffard elderflower liqueur.

It also helps that the cocktails are in attractive reusable containers, with a beautifully designed labels that would definitely incentivize you to drink and share with others.

While 2020 may have been the year where people may have felt deprived of their nights out, Craft Cocktails by The Bevvy can alleviate this yearning with ready-to-drink and hand-crafted concoctions by mixologists who miss the scene just as much as we do.

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