Journey through Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria’s Seven Corners Restaurant, where your plate is destined to be a canvas of your next most exquisite creation yet to be tasted. This month, it is bringing a new unbeatable pair that will make your next extraordinary meal.

Seven Corners Restaurant (1)

Have you met your next favorite combo? The classic flavor meets the new for your next Friday and Saturday night dinners—featuring the Seven Corners signature Rib Eye Steak and the next crowd favorite, Baby Back Ribs. The deliciously tender cuts of the US Rib Eye steak is grilled to perfection and utmost simplicity and can be cooked to the level of your choice—from medium rare to well done. A selection of distinctively savory gravy and creamy mushroom gravy are available for sauces, along with a wide array of dry seasonings such as herb and salt, garlic oil, and mint jelly. Aside from the classic Rib Eye Steak, you can now relish the flavorful buttery goodness of the Baby Back Ribs, cooked uniquely in Moroccan-style. Seasoned with rich spices such as cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, and other secret ingredients and coated in a delicious dark rum sauce, this scrumptious cut of meat is truly one to impress.

For only Php 2,400 nett per person, you can now seize the chance to truly indulge in these premium meat cuts along with the diverse buffet spread. Start light with an array of greens and selection of fresh seafood. Distinguish the intricate cuts of sushi and sashimi on your stop at the Japanese corner. Explore the diverse spices of Indian cuisine perfectly cooked in the tandoori oven. The Asian corner encourages you to select your preferred noodles, toppings, and broth to suit your liking. Feast on the distinct flavor of freshly-made pizza cooked in a brick oven. Indulge in Meat My Duo favorites at the Western Station. Complete your journey with a sweet gratification from homemade Seven Corners gelato.

Meat My Duo

Seven Corners promises to take you on a memorable dining journey on every corner where each plate leaves a trace of lasting memories perfected by people with success stories. Meat My Duo is available every Friday and Saturday buffet dinner for Php 2,400 nett per person.


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