Quality Kitchen is a food delivery service that started in May this year during the quarantine period. The idea arised from lack of food delivery services during that time. Having been a chef that had to go home due to the lockdown and a home kitchen that’s been used to hosting occasions, Chef Ellaine opened her home kitchen doors to people who would want to experience the simple delights of premium home-cooked meals.

The person behind Q. Chen is Ellaine Miles, a chef for the past 12 years who has been exposed to different types of cuisines and was given the chance recently to share her culinary excellence as a teacher in a culinary school in Cebu City. Encouragement from family and friends who are also her “regular customers” have inspired her to open the Q. Chen home-based business this quarantine.

Every Sunday, Chef Ellaine features a theme menu depending on the occasion such as Father’s Day BBQ Ribs and Salad, Rainy Days Premium Comfort Food, Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese dishes, KDrama Korean inspired dishes and others. Her signature dishes include Laing with Lechon Kawali, Creamy Vongole Pasta, BBQ Ribs with Corn and Side Salad or Coleslaw, Chili Crab and Osso Bucco. Q. Chen accepts private catering services for various occasions.
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