Pho 24

Like a warm, comforting hug, a hot and hearty bowl of delicious pho noodle soup can calm your senses during these uncertain times.


You can now enjoy this Vietnamese staple food in the comfort of your own home as Pho24®, Vietnam’s leading pho restaurant, now delivers its authentic pho noodle soups served fresh daily via food delivery apps Foodpanda and GrabFood.


Slow-cooked, served fast

Pho24® was established in 2003 when Dr. Ly Quy Trung introduced his family’s secret pho recipe in Ho Chi Minh City. Its signature beef pho uses 100% real beef shin bones (not buffalo or pork), which are simmered for eight-hours to extract the mouth-watering savory goodness, and nutrient packed benefits, of rich bone marrow.


During the cooking process, spices are gradually added along with herbs, briskets of beef, vegetables, and all the other 24 special ingredients that make up its secret family recipe. Its rice noodles are also hand-made every day, with no preservatives.


Filipino foodies have made Beef Fillet Pho and Beef Brisket the bestsellers in Pho24® branch in Double Dragon Plaza, Pasay City.


Vietnam’s comfort food

Pronounced “fuh,” pho comes from the French phrase “pot au feu” (pot of fire) and was believed to originate from the town of Nam Dinh, northern Vietnam in 1880.


Pho travelled from the north to the south of Vietnam, and as this happens, more spices, herbs, vegetables, and garnishes are added to the recipe. Considered the national dish of Vietnam, pho is served in every Vietnamese household.


Now you and your family can also enjoy this mouthwatering Vietnamese comfort food via Pho24® delivery services in select areas in Metro Manila using Foodpanda and GrabFood.