Spanish food has always been associated with rather old things. Like, whenever we think of Spanish food, we conjure images of vintage wooden houses in Old Philippines, the colorful fiestas, and the cumbersome calesas and tranvias in our minds.

The newly opened ¡Oyè! Tapas and Grill aims to change all that by infusing a youthful vibe to Spanish-Filipino cuisine, making it more accessible to the modern foodies.


Located at the ground floor of the Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, ¡Oyè! aims to give Filipino foodies a taste of Spain’s rich culinary past and a sample of the cuisine’s dynamic future by serving traditional and modern culinary masterpieces that are specially crafted to fit the diverse tastes and preferences of Filipino food lovers.



¡Oyè! Tapas and Grill is the brainchild of Andrew Masigan of the Advent Hospitality Group–the group that gave us XO46 Heritage Bistro and Arroz Ecija.

Andrew Masigan


Andrew’s Filipino-Spanish heritage comes from a grandfather on his dad’s side. “As a lover and a total geek for Filipino heritage, I feel that all the culinary expressions of Filipino-Spanish heritage were not only dated, but didn’t truly demonstrate how Filipinos have contributed to the pantheon of Hispanic culture,” Andrew reveals.


This belief in the dynamic relationship of Filipino and Spanish cookery was what drove Andrew to create ¡Oyè! in collaboration with Spanish and Filipino chefs. “I really wanted the great dance between our two cultures to not only continue but to flourish and grow even more,” he stresses.



Although Andrew is the driving force behind ¡Oyè!, the real secret of the new restaurant is the interplay of culinary ideas among three world-class chefs.


Chef Joseba Sola is the restaurant’s head chef and acknowledged expert in modern Spanish cooking.  He has mastered the art of infusing traditional culinary styles with younger, more modern culinary flavors.



Chef Juan Montel, in turn, is a master of traditional Spanish cuisine and was classically trained in Switzerland and worked extensively in Madrid. And then there’s Filipino Chef Tanya Dizon, who brings to the ¡Oyè! team authentic traditional and modern Filipino culinary ideas that can only come from someone who truly belongs to and understands the local market.



One of ¡Oyè! Tapas and Grill’s specialty tapas dishes is the Carilleras con Salsa de Vino Tinto or Beef Cheeks with Mashed Potato and Red Wine Sauce. To make this dish, the beef is slow-cooked for 36 hours and this makes for truly tender and juicy slices of meat.

Carilleras con Salsa de Vino Tinto
Carilleras con Salsa de Vino Tinto

Another specialty modern tapas dish  is the Huevo Trufado con Patatas y Jamon or Truffled Egg, Potato, and Ham, a light but truly satisfying and filling dish

Huevo Trufado con Patatas y Jamon
Huevo Trufado con Patatas y Jamon


In English, ¡Oyè! roughly means “hey!” or “listen up!” And as Andrew himself notes, “We called the restaurant ¡Oyè! because we want people to stand up and take notice.”


Its location at the Bonifacio Global City makes ¡Oyè! Tapas and Grill perfect for quick office lunch breaks. It is also the perfect place for unwinding after work hours with a few glasses of Sangria or your own bespoke gin tonic mix, plus some well-crafted tapas and entrees.