Entwined – The Mitch Desunia S/S 2020 Collection


Ever the ground breaker, Mitch Desunia is once again poised to disrupt the norm of the fashion industry by bringing in “ENTWINED” her newest collection into the fray.

ENTWINED is an intricate union of the old and the new hanging in a delicate balance between the modern and the traditional while keeping the core Mitch Desunia ideals of fashion that looks classic in elegance but still looks ever forward.

It uses INABEL, an exquisitely decorated fabric produced from the province of Ilocos, individually hand made by the local weavers. However, due to the weaver’s dwindling numbers caused by low demands and even lower income brought upon by the capitalists, the art of producing INABEL may be lost entirely through time. That’s why Mitch Desunia decided to highlight INABEL this year, to show the world that Filipino craftsmanship is capable of competing globally, in terms of beauty in design and durability.

With Mitch Desunia’s revolutionary designs and notoriety for being selective when it comes every fabric that she use, the Inabel fabric soon took a modern form, transcending its tribal roots and embracing a new form by fusing with imported fabrics, producing an array of outfits with wild textures in a modern cut.


On CARSXCOUTURE you’ll catch not just a glimpse but an entire spectacle of the whole collection gracing the runway together with the most luxurious cars in the country. Hopefully, with this collection we may not just prove that our locally produced fabrics are globally competitive, but to also provide better opportunities to our local weavers, providing them a sustainable livelihood that will not only provide the needs of their families but to also give hope that this form of art will continue to flourish and evolve over the years to come.