Morganfield’sTM, an American diner offering the biggest & juiciest pork ribs in town is now a certified foodie destination in Uptown Place at Bonifacio Global City after making waves in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Their heavyweight hero, Sticky BonesTM is an authentic prime pork rib slowly baked and smoked for hours in coal and hickory wood. It is grilled to perfection so that it is off-the-bone juicy and tender on the inside, yet a little crunchy on the outside. The special homemade BBQ sauce, both sweet and tangy, has a unique hickory flavor that comes with a hint of cider. Thanks to the sticky, gooey texture, it is no wonder it is called Sticky Bones. The ribs are imported and served in four flavors: Hickory BBQ, Garlicky BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn and Spicy Asian BBQ catered for Asian taste buds!

Ever heard of the saying “pigs can’t fly?” Not true in this case as Morganfield’sTM premium Iberico Baby Back ribs are specially flown in from Spain. The rare breed of black hog renowned for its remarkably tender texture and one-of-its-kind taste, this national treasure from Spain has the unique ability to store fats in muscle tissues to give you that melt-in-your-mouth texture. It’s main diet of acorns also helps generate a high percentage of mono-unsaturated fats in their meat, so diners can afford to indulge all you want. And because of this high percentage of mono-unsaturated fats, it’s been compared against olive oil, so much so that the Spanish locals call it “olives with legs”! You will not be able to find this rare, exquisite rib at many other places, so you know where to go if you are craving for it.

Their porky menu also offers the homemade Pork Sausage Platter, Bacon Wrapped Meat Balls, Pork Ham Chops, Pork Shoulder Chops, pork burgers, Bacon Wrapped Prawns and many more porky-licious dishes. Morganfield’sTM vast choices in the menu also ensure that non-porky friends are just as happy. Their menu has more than 50 one-of-its-kind dishes ranging from chicken, seafood, steaks, burgers and sandwiches, tacos, soups, salads, appetizers and mouth-watering desserts to choose from.

For those who like to try a bit of this and that, order one of their platters made for sharing. Made for 3-4 persons, the platters give more value for money and selection of mixed choices. The Carnivore platter perfect for meat lovers, the Ocean Madness offers a combination of seafood, ribs and meat, whilst the Ribs Sampler lets you sample any 3 types of your favorite rib flavors!

Apart from the great food, Morganfield’sTM also offers various types of dining areas, from the breezy al fresco area, the hype full sized bar and the casual long tables and benches perfect for family gatherings. Raw, unpolished red bricks give the place a rugged yet authentic industrial barn atmosphere; blended seamlessly with recycled, aged wood to lend a vintage vibe that is both timeless and inviting.


So head on down to Morganfield’sTM located at the 2nd Floor of Uptown Place in Bonifacio Global City. For more information, log on to their website or their official Facebook account at