Make a Perfect Room for a Toddler: Materials, Furniture Requirements, Colors
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Dineph | Make a Perfect Room for a Toddler: Materials, Furniture Requirements, Colors | From an early age, a person has to deal with many stressful situations. For a child, every day is filled with new experiences and it’s useful to relax in their cozy and safe world — namely, in the nursery. That is why it’s very important to think about the design of the children’s room as early as possible. As a rule, parents spend a lot of time learning how to create a safe room for a toddler. With a guide from experts, you can figure it out faster:

  • What material is ideal for nursery furniture in the nursery?
  • What are the requirements for such stuff?
  • What colors are suitable for children’s furniture?

Explore the tips to furnish the nursery with the latest expert advice and turn the room into a toddler’s paradise!

Why Wood Furniture Is So Trendy?

As you may have noticed, many manufacturers of children’s furniture and playing area sets have almost completely switched to the production of a wooden staff, such as WoodAndHearts brand. There are many reasons for the natural furniture trend:

  • environmental friendliness and material safety;
  • durable use for multiple children;
  • ergonomics and aesthetics.

Additionally, wooden fittings emit essential oils and resins — experts believe that this is good for children’s health and disinfects the air. On contrary, plastic cannot be considered safe, also, it’s not very durable, so, it’s better to refuse such pieces of stuff.

Choosing Wooden Stuff: Key Requirements 

Before purchasing the first set of wooden furniture you like, make sure that the stuff meets the basic requirements:

  • rounded corners;
  • no strongly protruding parts;
  • painted with safe hypoallergenic paint;
  • it’s stable and cannot roll over and harm the child.

And, of course, check the fastening of the handles and design elements so that the toddler cannot separate them. Additionally, check if the manufacturer adheres to some standards for furniture production and whether they have CE and CPC certificates.

Choosing Best Fittings’ Colors

A lot of attention should be paid to the color scheme if you purchase painted furniture. Some families prefer the natural color of wood, but this can be very boring for a child. In this case, try to choose neutral colors (light green, light blue, pastel yellow, pastel lilac, powdery pink, soft orange). Bright colors can scatter the kids` attention, while soft and calm shades, on the contrary, allow them to concentrate and relax easily. 

Thus, the three pillars of choosing the perfect furniture for a nursery are natural materials, safety, and the right color scheme. Also, don’t forget to discuss the design of furniture and its color with the child, because the room’s owner should like it first of all.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels