Crispy kangkong (water spinach) has been around as regular appetizer dish in some restaurants. But Frank Gaw, a snacking enthusiast, saw these kangkong leaves as potential snack for kiosks and thought of making the flavoured variety. To test his theory, he, his family and friends joined their first bazar in June 2019 at Fishermall. The feedback they received was so encouraging that they immediately launched KANGKONG KING and opened 4 outlets : Robinsons Place Manila, SM Fairview, Sm Megamall and Robinsons Galleria Ortigas.

Some interesting facts about KangKong King

  • There are 5 flavors: KKK (kangkongking special in-house flavor), BBQ, Sour Cream, Cheese, Original/Plain.
  • KKK and Sour Cream flavors are MSG-free.
  • KKK Flavor and Original/Plain are vegan-friendly.
  • All kangkong and other ingredients are locally sourced
  • The team is continuously looking for ways to give back to the society in their own ways. Before the pandemic, Manila Zoo agreed to get all the unused kangkong stems to be used as animal feed.

KangKong King Chips are available for delivery. Log in to  KKK also offers Franchising. For applications, contact