Press Release

Lipa, Batangas , a well-loved destination for its lomi, kapeng barako, Catholic churches and retreat houses, verdant farms, now boasts of a new gem: JET Hotel.


JET Hotel is a business and leisure hotel in the heart of bustling Lipa. Located along JP Laurel Highway, it sits at the center of commercial establishments and is a short distance from STAR Tollway’s Tambo Exit.

Just over a year since its opening, JET Hotel Lipa has been captivating guests from the moment they enter the premises. Through its modern and edgy design, the lobby immediately makes a welcome impression. The interiors are unique in Lipa, a refreshing union of modern-industrial and minimalist features. A bold choice; yet the hotel evokes a feeling of home, strengthened by the warmth of their staff as well as the comfort and cleanliness of their rooms.


The brainchild of Joselito E. Tapay, JET Hotel was born to fill a need in Lipa’s hospitality industry. JET Hotel Managing Director Joyce Tapay explains, “There are travelers who are in Lipa primarily for work, business, or other purposes other than pleasure — but not at the expense of pleasure. These are the people who are looking for convenience, excellent service, and complete amenities that will make their stay worthwhile while they are busy with their endeavors.”

In fulfilling this need, JET Hotel has redefined work-life balance in Lipa City. Aside from comfortable rooms ideal for workations, the hotel has dedicated workspaces conducive to uninterrupted online work or meetings. With speedy internet connection and location in a “no brownout zone”, guests are guaranteed a worry-free work-from-hotel experience.

JET Hotel Lipa also offers customized packages that would best suit guests’ work needs. The time for check-in and check-out can differ per package, allowing guests to #WorkAllNight or #WorkAllDay (with complimentary breakfast, lunch, or dinner options).

“We understand that working guests have different needs for online work”, Joyce Tapay says.


No workation is complete without a gastronomic experience. Introducing: Hub & Spoke.

As JET Hotel’s all-day dining, it’s easy to view Hub & Spoke as merely a means of satisfying the needs of hungry guests. But upon dining at the restaurant, you’ll be surprised to find the experience an adventure on its own.

The restaurant features a wide range of dishes–Filipino, Western, and Continental. Though what sets it apart are the local dishes. Offering a mix of Filipino and Batangueno fare, both classic and fusion, these signature items have given Hub & Spoke a place in every foodie’s heart.

Joyce Tapay shares, “With the hotel’s mother company [JETBEST] being from the agriculture industry, Hub & Spoke aims to feature local products. We are known for fusions of local delicacies and how we make Filipino and Batangueno dishes our own.”

Jom Aldover, Executive Chef of JET Hotel, adds, Along with our desire to curate an experience through the food we serve, we’re always working diligently to develop and introduce an innovative and somewhat modern approach to Filipino cuisine, in hopes to offer not just a culinary experience but an adventure to our guests with dishes that we hold close to our roots.”

As far as staying true to our roots, we wanted the adventure to start here at Batangas which led to our Goto-Lomi, Sisig Pasta, Adobo Pasta, and Bulalo Sandwich,” Chef Jom Aldover ends.

The adventure doesn’t end with your tastebuds. Hotel guests and casual diners can elevate their experience through Hub & Spoke’s al fresco dining. Located on the 5th floor of JET Hotel, its rooftop venue offers the best seats to Lipa’s horizon. Hub & Spoke’s open-air option is set poolside — surrounded by mountain and city views — the perfect venue to unwind after a long day of work.

Whether traveling for business, leisure, or a mix of both, JET Hotel is a true gem in Lipa. Stay in JET Hotel for the ultimate business and leisure experience. You won’t regret it.


JET Hotel is located at JP Laurel Highway, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City, Batangas.

For inquiries and reservations, please call 0995 637 8426 or email


Hub & Spoke is open from 6:00AM to 10:00PM daily. For inquiries and reservations, please call 0907 215 5466 or email


For updates and information on the latest offerings, follow JET Hotel’s official social media accounts: JET Hotel on Facebook or @jet_hotel_lipa on Instagram.