The Franzia Executive Cycling Team has proudly raced for fun, fitness and friendly competitions for five years now since Fly Ace President, Lucio “Jun” Cochanco, Jr. founded the team in 2010.

Fly Ace president and Team Franzia founder and owner Jun Conchanco
Fly Ace president and Team Franzia founder and owner Jun Conchanco

This year, the elite bike squad pulled another huge milestone at the recent Subic-Bataan-Zambales leg of Giro de Pilipinas where they won trophies in four categories: 1st Place Team Manager’s Category Stage 1 39.3 KM Individual Time Trial, 4th Place Team Manager’s Category General Classification, 1st Place Junior Category Stage 2 90 KM Road Race and 5th Place Team Manager’s Category. Behind this competitive dominance is Team Franzia’s solid team work, founded on shared passion for the sport and for a wine brand that makes each life milestone a certified winning moment.

Team FRANZIA Executive Bikers
Team FRANZIA Executive Bikers

Growing Support   

Now comprised of more than 50 professionals that include doctors, lawyers, to successful business owners and managers, the growth of Team Franzia indicates the increasing interest in the sport, as well as the importance of achieving work-life balance while staying in top shape.

“I took up this sport mainly because of health reasons. Secondly, it’s my preferred form of exercise. Apart from the exhilarating outdoor adventure, cycling is an enjoyable regimen that increases cardiovascular fitness level and metabolism,” said Mr. Cochanco, Team Franzia Founder and Owner.

“I’m proud to have created a team whose members are driven by the same passion and commitment to the sport. Biking allows us to engage with others who love the sport as much as we do.  As for the wine brand Franzia, it is a fitting name for the team that gives priority to health and enjoys many life celebrations whether big or small,” he added.

Additionally, what makes cycling and wine a perfect tandem is that both positively boost relationships and one’s health and fitness levels, according to Dr. Ramon Luis Liboro, gastro-internist and Team Franzia rider of four years.

Dr. Liboro is a staunch advocate of cycling. “Through the sport, we get to meet like-minded people whom we developed bonds that go beyond cycling. We also learned to prioritize what is truly important in this life, like faith and family,” he enthused.   

Cycling, either for leisure or for competitive sport, offers better de-stressing and increased work productivity for those who practice it by heart. As for the virtues of drinking wine, Dr. Liboro mentioned numerous studies which have shown that moderate wine consumption can increase one’s high-density lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol) by as much as 20%.

“Consumed together with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, it makes sense that cycling and wine go together nicely. Of course, making time for both the small and big moments of life is what brings beauty and deeper meaning to our personal journeys,” Dr. Liboro noted.

Positive Transformation

The victories by Team Franzia members Anthony Lee and Louie Reyes may highlight the squad’s standout achievements for year 2015, but for the two bikers, the motivational perks of cycling go beyond the finish line.

“A cousin of mine encouraged me to try the sport. Since joining Team Franzia four years ago, I didn’t just achieve my fitness goals; I found fulfilment in many ways. I enjoyed gaining new friends while participating — and of course — winning in various cycling tournaments,” said Mr. Reyes, an engineer by profession and who’s currently running their family business.

Maintaining their peak form is a challenging task, with busy schedules and family life. But Mr. Lee and Mr. Reyes manage to perform solo biking session during weekends. They also join Team Franzia’s group rides around Metro Manila at least two to three times a week.

“Cycling has to be a lifestyle; one must fully embrace everything about the sport. While cycling tests my physical limits, it has also greatly transformed my outlook in life and family. All of us can say that through the sport, we found new value and purpose, not just reaching for individual greatness,” noted Mr. Lee.

Celebrating Young Dreams

This year’s Giro de Pilipinas is the start of a big journey towards a fulfilment of a dream for junior rider Juan Carlos “Bingo” Barrios. The 19-year-old is the youngest member of Team Franzia who won first place in his age category.

Together with fellow Team Manager Philip Go, Bingo said he is very thankful for the unswerving support of Franzia riders, most especially the senior executives led by Mr. Cochanco.

“Bingo’s story is inspiring, especially so that everyone in the team did what they can to help Bingo accomplish his goals. It’s all about building a community that cares about the future of the sport and of the team. In our team, we always look out for each other,” said Mr. Cochanco. “What’s amazing about being a Team Franzia executive rider is not really about being on a great team, or being around high-profile people with big goals in sport — it’s about enjoying the moment and celebrating it.”

Franzia is the world’s best-selling wine brand. In the Philippines, Franzia is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation and is available in all major supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars nationwide.