Takes inspiration from luxury travel to curate freshly baked breads

Don Bakes Manila brings some of the world’s best tasting flavors to the Philippines. With the launch of freshly baked breads inspired by their travels to Italy, Japan, and South Korea – customers can expect more worldly flavors to be introduced in the coming months and years ahead.

Don Bakes is founded by an Overseas Filipino Returnee together with his close travelling peers. Don has lived in five global hubs, travelled across four continents and 38 countries, and experienced more than 100 cities around the world. The founders love travelling and has innate passion for food. Don’s work experience as a luxury hotelier developed his habit of dining at upscale restaurants cited in Michelin Guide, trying out Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants and Bars, seeking authentic local cuisine and experiences in each destination they visit.

When the pandemic began in 2020, Don stayed in Manila and started pursuing something outside his comfort zone as an Overseas Filipino Worker. As the quarantine and lockdown extended from weeks to months, Don and his close travelling peers started to miss riding airplanes and eating their favorite flavors from around the world. This is where they thought of bringing the taste of their most-coveted cravings to the Philippines.

Don Bakes takes pride in freshly baked gourmet Pan De Sal. Taking inspiration from travels to Kyoto, Pan De Aji has the perfect balance of matcha and creamy white chocolate. Naples – home of Pizza Margherita’s fresh basil, sundried tomato, and cheese inspired the creation of Pan De Buono. Pan De Gustare brings the best combination of East and West with a box including both Pan De Aji  and Pan De Buono.

Don couldn’t miss the Korean Craze after falling in love with Seoul and so many K-Dramas. Don Bakes Manila offers a filling, hearty, garlicky, creamy Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread suited for the discerning palate.

Customers can book their favorite worldly flavor via https://tinyurl.com/DonBakesOrders or messaging @donbakesmanila on Instagram. Facebook: Don Bakes Manila      Instagram:@donbakesmanila