Angel’s Share. Jack Bauer. Phat Pat. Believe it or not, these intriguing names are cakes made exclusively by new home-based cake maker, Critical Baker.

Critical Baker is a graduate of the Pastry Arts Program under Enderun/Allain Ducasse Formation in 2012. After the course, eight years of “Creative Flour Wastage” were spent to learn, experiment and discover the nuances and temperament of pastry ingredients, technique and form. Recently, Critical Baker decided to “put the bakes out.”

Angel’s Share Cake

Angel Share cake : A joyful interplay of vanilla and chocolate wrapped in a billowy blanket of Italian meringue. Sprinkled with colourful confetti candies. Critical Baker says “Angel’s Share is a staple for both celebratory events and pick me up from the doldrums kind of day.  It’s a happy bake to be had any time of day or night.”

Jack Bauer Cake

Jack Bauer cake : Beer, cake and cheese in collective action. Strong, dark yet sweet and tender. Just like Jack. What’s the dominant ingredient? Irish Stout! This is for the Jack in all of us.

Phat Pat cake : is a sublime cake with cream-chocolate-caramel combination. A tribute cake to a good friend.

Mango-Lime Cheesecake

Mango Lime Cheesecake : Critical Baker’s Signature cake. Heartfelt creation that has the perfect balance of sweetness and tangy taste. Firm to the touch but light enough to deliver a smooth, silky mouth feel.

Pure Matcha Chocolate Cake

Pure Matcha Chocolate Cake : Japanese-inspired cake with heavenly chocolate. A breakfast accompaniment to coffee or afternoon tea. Some prefers to warm it up in the oven to give it a toasty feel.

Critical Baker offers these cakes to people who have developed discerning palates, those who are always on the lookout for fleeting moments of joy, who are assertive to capture it whenever, wherever they can. These people derive a quiet sense of contentment, happiness in discovering, rediscovering something that is perhaps familiar yet different.  Genuinely happy people.



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