Chef Ghaello Salva- Your Soulful Chef

Chef Ghaello Salva (pronounced as ‘jel-oh’, derived from his Italian roots) is not only recognized in the culinary world but in the commercial industry as well, his familiar face has been gracing our commercials and print advertisements for quite some time now. In fact, he started out as a commercial model first and later on pursued his passion in culinary arts, taking inspiration from the Batangueño menu of his childhood.

Chef Ghaello’s Unique Approach to Cooking

As a culinary artist, Chef Ghaello’s mission is to elevate Philippine cuisine through crafting local dishes using the haute-cuisine approach. He calls his specialty “Batangueño fusion” because his versions of traditional Batangueño dishes are prepared and executed using French techniques.

Another defining factor that sets Chef Ghaello apart is the fact that he infuses the element of energy into his creations. Known on social media as “your soulful chef,” Chef Ghaello has a deep spiritual side to him, he is a vedic astrology practitioner and places heavy value on the way we give and receive energy (or ‘prana’ aka life force in Sanskrit). Chef Ghaello explains it best in his own words, “Vedic [science] is the most influential principle that I practice today — everything is energy, whatever energy you put in, you are also giving. Through the meals I prepare, I am sharing the positive energy with each person who savours my food so they receive that same energy.”

Introducing: Dulong in Olive Oil, the Filipino Caviar

Chef Ghaello launches his latest culinary creation just in time for the holiday season: Dulong in Olive Oil. Filipinos love to welcome the Yuletide with a wine and cheese party. Whether you celebrate your gatherings grandly, complete with carefully plated ​​Hors D’oeuvre or you prefer a more simple get together such as an intimate tête-à-tête in the garden; one thing is an ever-present feature on a Christmas host’s party table: an artful arrangement of appetizers, also known as the charcuterie board.

 Dulong, or silver fish in English, is a type of fish abundant in Batangas and is characterized by its miniature size (roughly half an inch) and its rich flavor. Commonly prepared as a fish omelette dish (‘Tortang Dulong’), Chef Ghaello’s unique take reinvents the Batangeño specialty to create a hearty delicacy in a jar.

Prepared as a concentrated olio with generous amounts of the finest Olive Oil, Chef Ghaello’s Dulong in Olive Oil carries a fresh seasoning of the sea that creates a potent burst of flavor in each bite. And because of its condensed nature, it is perfect as a garnish on top of bread and crackers or taken with fruits and cheese paired with your best wine. Perfect for the wine and cheese aficionados.

Chef Ghaello’s Dulong in Olive Oil is now available for pre-order. For only 250 PHP per jar and 650 PHP for the Christmas box set (which includes: one jar of Dulong in Olive Oil, crackers and wine).  For more information on visit   or call +639178171277


*** When serving along with bread or crackers, Chef Ghaello recommends adding a dollop of honey to add a special kick of sweetness.