Dean Brettschneider

The BISTRO GROUP and Global Baker-Entrepreneur DEAN BRETTSCHNEIDER bring new world baking to Manila!              

Authentic artisan handcrafted bakery products, delectable sourdough pizzas and a unique ‘new world’ baking style. These are what The Bistro Group and Kiwi baker, celebrity foodpreneur, TV host, and book author Dean Brettschneider promise to deliver as they introduce two new food concepts – Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza located at the ground floor S Maison Conrad Manila.

Dean BrettschneiderBaker & Cook: Live, laugh, love loaf

Dean Brettschneider (also called “The Baker Boy” and “Global Baker”) launched Baker & Cook in Singapore almost five years ago with one goal in mind: to deliver a global brand. Singapore, with its vibrant multi-cultural market, fit Brettschneider’s idea of the perfect place where he could introduce his signature ‘New World Baking’.  He is an award-winning author of 12 best-selling cookbooks, a TV host and presenter and a judge in international television shows including New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker, The Cook and The Baker, Kiwi Baker in Shanghai, France, and Singapore, among others.

Baker & Cook Quiche
Baker & Cook Quiche

The store is known for its delicious breads and pastries made with honest, clean and quality ingredients. “We are true to being artisanal; we are not a factory so we do our breads, cakes, and pastries by hand.” Baker & Cook offers all day breakfast from 7:00 am. Throughout the day when you want a sip of their roasted coffee and bite into a delicious cake or pastry, have a delightful salmon quiche and hot pie over lunch, orBambolinis (doughnuts filled with vanilla, chocolate, or caramel jam) and salads in the afternoon until 10:00pm, Baker & Cook is just the perfect place.

B&C Croissant
B&C Croissant

Pillowy soft Plank Sourdough Pizza

To open simultaneously and adjacent to Baker & Cook is Plank Sourdough Pizza. “I’m part baker and part businessman so I was looking for something that will complement Baker and Cook, and since pizza is basically bread with toppings on it, I put up Plank,” Brettschneider explained how he got Plank and Baker and Cook to operate side by side. Plank uses their signature sourdough bread handcrafted from a combination of flours fermented up to 48 hours with natural wild yeast called “levain”, salt, water, and extra virgin olive oil. The dough is kneaded by hand (they do not use rolling pins) before covering them with fresh, quality toppings. Plank’s sourdough culture is over 25 years old and has travelled around the world with Brettschneider. They are particularly proud of the super pillowy soft crust with a touch of crispiness.

No. 1 Pizza

Plank’s menu is simple – seven hand-crafted pizzas, salads, starters, a dessert, and some Filipino favorites. There’s a Baker and Cook next door so Plank doesn’t need a lot of dishes. Brettschneider dispensed with traditional pizzas like Margherita and Quattro Formagi. He imagined what toppings are really good and so they have barbecued pulled chicken with cranberries, smoked salmon and truffle mushrooms pizzas, for example.


Breaking bread with The Bistro Group Brettschneider’s success is built on creating a unique experience that delivers the very best of baking. He likewise acknowledges the importance of choosing the right partners in making the business work.  He met with The Bistro Group’s team in Singapore and knew he has found the right one. Passion is the main ingredient of Brettschneider’s brands and he believes that The Bistro Group shares his passion, after seeing the international concepts the latter has successfully brought to the country.


(Baker & Cook is open from 7:00am to 10:pm. Plank Sourdough Pizza is open from 11:00am to 10:pm. Both are located at the G/F S Maison Conrad. Follow them on FB and IG: BakerandcookPH)