Alain Ducasse Institute at Enderun Colleges recently launched its redeveloped Certificate in Pastry Arts program, which now includes additional advanced pastry modules. Aside from learning the basic principles of baking and confectionery, the new program enables students to acquire the highest level of expertise in pastry by learning more advanced techniques.

ADIP - Certificate in Pastry Arts 2

Participants of this program will get to train with world-class chef instructors of Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines and learn basic and advanced principles in baking and confectionery in order to become talented professionals in pastry arts. The program, which lasts for three months, begins with a teaching of fundamental techniques for classic French recipes. Students will then be able to reinforce those techniques as they advance into more complex recipes. The additional advanced modules allow students to learn skills for each pastry specialization of hotels, restaurants and boutiques, such as working with modern breads and viennoiseries, making signature Alain Ducasse Bistro desserts, and tempering and working with chocolate. The redeveloped curriculum also includes lessons on preparing confectionery specialties, caramel, and candies, creating complex entremets, decorating with specific glazing, sprays, chocolate and caramel, and working with fondant.

ADIP - Certificate in Pastry Arts 3

The intensive program matches the curriculum taught in Alain Ducasse Education in France. With 75% hands-on and 25% theory classes, the teaching methodology focuses on rigorous hands-on practice in order to enhance students’ skills. At the end of the program, students are able to work at top hotels, restaurants, and even start their own business.

Alain Ducasse Education is dedicated to cultivating excellence in the practice of culinary and pastry arts, service, and hospitality around the world through accessible and internationally-oriented educational programs. Alain Ducasse Education’s mission is to educate the next generation of top international culinary and pastry professionals with exceptional global standards, rigor, innovation, and creativity to meet industry needs for market-ready competencies.

Alain Ducasse Education is available in the Philippines at Enderun Colleges, the home of the first Alain Ducasse Institute outside of France, and its regional hub in Asia. The combination of Enderun’s existing culinary faculty – already celebrated as one of Asia’s most distinguished – with the Alain Ducasse Education teaching methodologies promises to set new standards for culinary education in Asia. The collaboration also gives Enderun students the opportunity to earn an international certification from Alain Ducasse Education in France.

The redeveloped Certificate in Pastry Arts starts this April 2016.


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