Marco Polo Ortigas has a new Cantonese Chef

Experience Cantonese culinary experience, straight from the heart of the Red Dragon, as Lung Hin brings in new dishes, from the Hong Kong native and cuisine master, Chef Lai Cheuk Kou.

Chef Terry Lai

Chef Terry Lai

Unlike other chefs, Chef Lai Cheuk Kou, or also known as Chef Terry, he has worked in China and Hong Kong alone, making it his first time in the country. He was able to master the art of cooking the most special dishes in Chinese cuisine, with over 36 years of experience from different well-known restaurants and hotels around China and Hong Kong. Chef Terry specializes in hot and healthy dishes, like herbal soups, and special exotic dishes.

Fried-Tallow Fruity Rolls and Beef Grains

His flavourful and aromatic signature dishes includes Cheese-baked Tiger Shrimp Ball, Fried Tallow Fruity Rolls and Beef Grains, and Cold dishes mixed pumpkin, cucumber, jellyfish, Hong Kong Liang a chicken.

Cheese Baked Tiger Shrimp Ball

Cheese Baked Tiger Shrimp Ball

Coming to the Philippines, he has seen many mangoes and abalones, which he thought of transforming as he heads the Lung Hin kitchen, practising his authentic Chinese culinary technique.

Cold Mixed Bird's Nest Fire Dragon Jelly Dessert

Cold Mixed Bird’s Nest Fire Dragon Jelly Dessert

Enjoy and experience authentic Cantonese cuisine, with its finest flavors at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s Lung Hin.

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