Better Than Fresh by Nice Fruit of Spain

Over the years, Del Monte in the Philippines has consistently provided the Filipinos with a wide array of healthy recipes, food, and beverages. Its owner, Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL), aims to cement its position at the forefront of the industry with its latest acquisition. It has partnered with Spain’s Nice Fruit, a global company engaged in the production and distribution of frozen fruits and vegetables.

Nice Fruit 2

While the business of frozen fruit may not be a recent venture, what sets this innovation apart is its ability to preserve the quality of the fruit in its prime ripeness state. Nice Fruit’s patented technology, Nice Frozen Dry, allows fruits, vegetables, and produce to be picked at its optimal ripeness and frozen up to three years while retaining its nutrients, structure, original properties, and organoleptic characteristics.

Nice Fruit 4

The upcoming product line includes strawberries, peaches, orange, kiwi, and pineapple. Despite the seasonal availability of these fruits, Nice Fruit delivers them all-year round. Various restaurateurs, pastry chefs, airline caterers alike now have an easier way of preparing flavorful dishes without sacrificing quality and taste. In fact, Manila’s top pastry chef Jackie Ang Po, has joined the revolution. In the recent launch of Nice Fruit at the Txanton tapas bar, she emphasized that this will not only provide convenience and ease in operation, but will also allow access to fruits which are not regularly accessible in the Philippines—at a quality which is even better than fresh fruits.

Nice Fruit 3

Not only is Nice Fruit set to create a radical shift in the way food is exported, stocked, and consumed, but also how its taste is fully maximized. And while Del Monte has enjoyed its reputation as a distinguished heritage brand, it welcomes the modern consumer to the future of food.

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